Working with Eric is simple and extremely effective. He is a focused individual with his client's needs always at the forefront of his mind. He guides his clientele to stay the course of their desires ensuring they receive the most from their investment. Eric's program provides simple effective marketing tools anyone can use to achieve immediate results. In short, Eric gives more than you will ever invest.

Lee Avinger – CEO, JM Lee Inc.

Dear Eric,
I feel compelled to tell you that I think you are simply awesome! I've never met anyone like you before. There are a lot of people out there professing to be coaches and consummate sales professionals but in my humble opinion, you are the man. :)

You are inspiring, intelligent, full of energy and enthusiasm, and always making yourself incredibly available. Even though you are incredibly busy and successful you are answering emails, jumping on the phone, and going above and beyond what you promise to deliver. You make me feel how I am sure all of your clients feel, that they are the most important person on your list.

I am sure you must you hear accolades like this all the time, but I felt it was time for me to pass this along. With your help, 2010 will be my best year ever!

Lori Sperber – CEO, GatewayCreativeGroup

Eric Taylor is a brilliant and passionate sales coach and trainer. In the time that I have worked with him, he has helped energize me and my business, and I am already reaping the rewards, in terms of business focus and growth. Eric is a true partner in my business, not only sharing his vast sales and marketing experience, but providing me with all the necessary feedback and support necessary to keep moving forward. I am lucky to have such a fantastic sales professional on my success team and recommend Eric to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Alan Cohen - President, Acts of Balance Executive Coaching

Eric Taylor delivers. He has helped me position and market my business to accelerate my business' growth so that I can contribute my services on a larger scale. Eric has unlimited people and technical resources which truly makes him unique. He sets himself apart with his extraordinary passion and drive to get you what you need to take your business to the next level. He is truly in it to win it for you. I recommend Eric for anyone looking to take their business and sales to the next level. He also provides a tremendous amount of additional value being a talented and experienced sales trainer. Eric's your guy.

Rita Hyland – Founder & Owner, BreakThrough Coaching Inc.

Eric spoke at our company retreat this week and was terrific. His passion, energy and knowledge were contagious! He immediately made a meaningful connection with my employees which had them focused on his presentation throughout. As soon as I got home, I started reading his newest book. It is easy to see why it rose to #1! Eric's impact on our company will last well beyond his 2 hour presentation. I think that is the greatest recommendation anyone can give.

Rob Kennedy – President, The Hoop Group Inc.

Every successful sales person and/or company needs to improve their selling skills and increase their production, especially in what we all like to call "challenging times." Sometimes it is necessary to go outside your comfort zone and look for someone to help enhance those needed skill sets in the quest to become exceptional. I just wanted to thank you for being that "Trusted Sales Guru Advisor" for my company. My instincts were right. Eric, you did a fantastic job during our sales session. I feel like you supplied tremendous value along with some everyday useful tools that we are all working hard to apply. I’ve noticed an immediate impact on my sales team and we hope to work with you again in the near future.

Peter R. Strauss - President, Second Generation Mortgage Group, LLC

I hired Eric to work with the professional staff at Cowan, Gunteski & Co., P.A. He developed and delivered the "Best Year Ever" training program. He took the accountants through twelve modules that focused on their personal development, as well as skills in the areas of presenting, writing, listening, questioning, and new business development. As a result, the Cowan team was prepared to deliver on their promise to provide an exceptional client experience. In addition, its marketing efforts were enhanced because the team understood the importance of developing a relationship before asking for business. I highly recommend Eric to any company that wants to see a tangible difference in their team and increased profitability. He is a highly motivated speaker that takes the time to ensure that everyone is invested in the training and walks away with the skills necessary to succeed

Eileen Monesson – Principal, PRCounts, LLC

I first hired Eric in 2005 to kick-off our annual sales meeting. He delivered his “Best Year Ever” keynote to our sales organization and (perhaps not so coincidentally) that year we went on to have our “Best Year Ever! “. The following year we hired Eric on a quarterly basis to inspire and motivate our sales teams. Again, we went on to achieve another “Best Year Ever! ” . Challenged with the slumping economy last year, we recognized that it was time to get back in touch with the “Chief Inspirational Officer”. With that in mind, we again hired Eric to bring his high energy sales message to our troops at our January Kickoff Meeting. Since then, we have been putting his words into action. Our team has been adapting to our changing sales environment, prioritizing their sales opportunities, better managing their time and driving sales to what we expect to be another “Best Year Ever”.

Chris McGuigan, President, The Beacon Group

I met Eric Taylor in 2005. In all my dealings with Eric, as a friend and in business, he has been extremely professional and always willing to go the extra mile for people. I approached Eric in March of 2010 to do a joint business seminar with him. It turned out to be an unbelievably successful event (for both of us) more than 150 people attended. Going forward, I know that Eric will continue to go that extra mile for everyone he meets or does business with. I highly recommend you explore what he can do for your business."

Mitchell Nelson - Dynasty Advisors LLC

Eric’s intelligence, passion and drive come through in everything he does. He is great at masterminding possibilities and then turning the possibility into reality… In short, why I love working with Eric is when he makes a commitment, he follows through. In today’s world that is a rare commodity. Thanks Eric"

Sharon Sayler - Co-owner, Impression Engineers

In a world of me, myself and I’s, Eric Taylor is all about you! He practices what he preaches and that is what got me to sign up for his Presentation Skills Program. I knew I had a wonderful product to sell but I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t making more sales? My presentation was all wrong. Eric coached me and helped me understand that the first thing people were buying was me. Once my prospects bought me, they began to buy my products. Eric helps you believe in yourself, set goals and develop the self – confidence that helps you find joy in selling. Even if you are looking for work Eric can help you develop the greatest skill set you have – yourself."

Jack Miller - Owner, Final Cuts Gifts & Awards

Eric Taylor has demonstrated his skills to me over and over again. We met initially over 7 years ago in 2002, and have partnered on many projects since then. His energy and motivation have earned him the title of Chief Inspiration Officer at my company, SelfGrowth.com. His sales skills, sales training skills, speaking skills and ability to motivate are exceptional. The combination of Eric’s enthusiasm, inspiration and drive make him unstoppable. I highly recommend working with Eric in just about any capacity."

David Riklan - Founder, SelfGrowth.com

I recommend Eric at the highest level. He is a dynamic speaker that speaks to your audience’s heart which causes massive action to be taken. Eric also gets your sales team results with his unique training skills combined with motivation that get’s your reps to kick it into high gear! Bottom line, look to Eric first for your sales training and in need to deliver the right message at the right time for your organization. Ed Zimbardi"

Ed Zimbardi - Owner, FulfillmentCentralPublishing.com

Eric has provided a wealth of valuable ideas and business knowledge to our members of the NMCC through the speaking engagements he has given at our Seminars. His high level of energy electrifies a room. I would definitely recommend Eric to anyone looking to improve their business or their life, he is a true inspiration."

Paul Morris - Executive Director, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce

I attended a meeting where Eric was the key note speaker, and was totally impressed. As a result, our board hired him for the New York Staffing Association’s Super Seminar Day, where he was a hit. Whenever I need to motivate and teach a team how to succeed, Eric is my first choice as guest speaker. Eric is a professional coach who provides detailed, specific action steps that result in improved performance for teams and individuals. He is an unbelievable motivator and someone I will continue to hire. He is one of the best speakers I have used and highly recommend him."

Caress Kennedy - President, Career Blazers

When I moved into Eric Taylor’s old office in the late 1990s, I had hoped that some of his incredible energy would linger during my occupancy. Eric is among the most inspirational and positive people I have had the pleasure of knowing. From Eric, I have learned: ~ A methodical, practical approach to time management and goal setting/attainment; ~ Techniques to network genuinely and effectively; ~ Subtle, yet powerful secrets to profitable entrepreneurship; ~ Surefire ways to stay energized, focused, and motivated; ~ The incredible impact of positivity. Eric played a huge role as a key presenter at a job-search summit I organized in 2009. I recommend Eric, without reservation, to anyone who could use a dynamic coach, relentless motivator, or engaging speaker."

Robert Mandleberg - Owner, The Creative Edge

Eric was instrumental in helping us train our club service staff into selling themselves and our services, thus increasing our ancillary revenue. This was a tough assignment because our club service staff thinks about the member, not selling themselves. We thank Eric for his help in increasing member ancillary revenue over 15%."

Tom Pear - Managing Partner at Fitness Ventures, LLC

Enthusiasm. Passion. Direction. Experience. “I have just completed a comprehensive sales training program created and conducted by Eric Taylor- and want to recommend him to others as a coach and as a mentor. His approach is refreshing in presentation, solid in knowledge and inspiring to both new and seasoned professionals."

Andrea Craig - Account Executive, Hatteras

As a sales manager and trainer, I know how critical it is to keep the team motivated and focused on their goals. What better way to take this to the next level than hire an expert! Eric Taylor delivered! His ability to help people refocus, and reenergize is amazing. I have used his goal setting program to achieve both personal and professional goals time and time again."

Pam Callender - Director of Sales

Eric Taylor is one of the most dynamic, energetic and inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. He has a unique way of connecting on a personal level with everyone in the audience. His in-depth knowledge of sales, marketing and personal development engages people in a way that creates action and positive results. Eric’s energy and sincere enthusiasm is contagious. Whether you are a highly educated, experienced business executive, a new sales rep or someone in mid-business life crises, Eric has the ability to inspire anyone to take their career and life to a higher level."

Mike Kahrer - Senior Human Resources Director, Pharma

Eric has been hired by Hatteras Press on numerous occasions over the last 10 years. He most recently completed a comprehensive sales training program for our team of 15 Sales Consultants. His mastery of the process of selling and his inspirational approach have re-energized our sales efforts and helped keep our sales steady in a very rough economy. I highly recommend his work."

Dan Martin - V.P. Business Development, Red Drum Media Inc.

I have worked with Eric on many occasions over the years, seeking his expertise in growing and managing my busy law practice. Eric has provided solid advice and insight on many levels and implementing his proven marketing and management strategies and common sense approach has helped our business achieve greater success. I recommend Eric for any organization seeking to grow and improve its business."

Richard A. Catalina, Jr., Esq, - Catalina & Associates

Eric Taylor is THE most energetic speaker that you’re ever going to see. His sales talks engage and invigorate teams, and create a buzz that ripples through into action. Whether hiring him for your next sales or management retreat, or using his sales programs to boost individual or team performance, Eric helps you get results."

D. Luke Iorio, PCC, AELC
President & CEO at Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)

I especially enjoyed your e-zine this week – shared it with everyone in our branches and my direct-report team. Good job on taking accountability for one’s future."

Warren Taylor, Market President – Banking

Thank you for taking the time each week to write and inspire me to continue to grow as a person and my business. I find something in each week’s message that applies to me either personally or for business."

Douglas Godfrey – President, Omega Graphics, Inc.

Thanks so much Eric!! I have enjoyed your FYI / TGIM inspirational newsletter for over two years now and I truly look forward to them. That is THE best suggestion for the perfect Christmas present. Thanks again, may you and your growing family have a happy and blessed Christmas and a healthy, spiritual and successful new year!!!"

Peg McDevitt – Owner, Avon Reality, New Jersey

I have been working with Eric for 8 years now and his energy and enthusiasm continue to grow each day. He delivers his message with passion and clarity and communicates very practical ideas that can be implemented immediately into your personal and professional life. I would highly recommend speaking with Eric to see how he can help you and/or your organization."

Matt Appel – Principal at The Appel Financial Group

Eric’s energy as a speaker is contagious. He takes his passion for life and wraps it around his audience. In the end you’re pumped and ready to take on the world."

Charlie Duerr, President & CEO at Hatteras Press Inc.

Your presentation, “Ten Life Lessons I Learned from Superman: How I Learned to Fly and You Can Too!” inspired and energized the audience. You really started the conference off on a high note that continued throughout the day. Our participants were fully engaged and your message from Christopher Reeve was right on target. On our feedback evaluations, many of our participants listed your program as the most valuable part of the day."

Patty Ostaszewski – CEO at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital

Empowerment Group’s production quality is of the highest caliber I’ve seen. Eric Taylor has developed a keen understanding of the extreme motivational and inspirational needs of business professionals and other successful individuals, and has earned their respect. His productions surpass excellence in providing the best known talent, smooth programs, and timely, practical, and positive tools for reaching new heights in achieving personal and career objectives! I attend as many of Empowerment Group’s events as I can and we send our employees, too!"

Andrew B. Zezas – President & CEO at Real Estate Strategies Corporation

When the director of human resources approached me to tell me that those who attended Eric Taylor’s workshop wanted to come in on their own time, for more, I knew my investment was already paying me back."

Joel Markel – CEO Preferred Health Mate

It was great spending time with my sales team in Eatontown Wednesday and Thursday at the seminars you put together. You did an outstanding job of packaging a day of big time value for my company’s sales department. The value that we get out of the seminars will pay dividends for the rest of my career. Since last year, I sharpened my presentations, phone messages and motivated me to more effectively inspire my own sales people."

Timothy G. Smith

I can finally give a complete presentation. I always knew the subject matter, but thanks to Eric’s coaching, I now know how to effectively present it. The session was very interactive and effective. I was able to break all of the tensions and keep people interested and involved. Thanks Eric, for the tools and encouragement and the confidence! The end product was better than I ever imagined."

Phil Alberta – Tiffany & Co.

I would like to thank you for the fabulous seminar on Tuesday. Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed it and we learned so many great tips about sales and marketing. We are so happy that we decided to sponsor the event."

Diane Turton – Diane Turton, Realtors

I just wanted to take a second to offer some thanks, praise, and well wishes. We have been involved in some of your Empowerment Group seminars, and I will continue to send our sales team to your events. My team was able to take home a lot of wonderful information from the presentation session last week. So thank you, and keep up the high quality work!"

Shaun Armhold – V.P. EZ Worldwide Express

Presentation Mastery was both insightful and inspiring. I am confident that I can become a “presentation master” by employing the skills and techniques developed in this seminar. I applaud Eric and The Empowerment Group for a job well done!"

Eileen Monesson - Principal at Cowen, Gunteski & Co., P.A.

Thank you for an extraordinary event! The Presentation Mastery workshop applies to anyone who is committed to growing personally and professionally. The program was excellent, the energy was unbelievable and information shared was extremely valuable. I’m looking forward to the next seminar!"

Darla Moore – Account Executive

I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for a terrific presentation yesterday at Brookdale College. I am a recent Toastmasters member and new to public speaking in my current role at work facilitating daily data center meetings. You gave me great ideas to use and some inspiration toward life in general."

Ross Mandel – IT Services